Getting What You Need

‘I give thanks that all my Prayers haven’t been answered’, is a saying I first heard several years ago. I didn’t understand this saying at first; how can you be glad you haven’t received what you ask for? As time has continued, however, it began to make sense. Sometimes I think I want something; it may not be anything which I need, or would even help me, but I ask for it anyway. Many years ago I was madly in love (or thought I was) with this guy. ‘God’, I asked, ‘I will do absolutely anything to have a relationship with this man’. Hence, began 10 years of experiencing one of the most dysfunctional relationships I have ever had. Really, if you can allow yourself to ask for what you need in a specific situation, or ask for what you want, but are open to something else instead (which could be better), then you’ll be taken care of.

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