Fire The Grid


We are all connected by Source energy. This connection has a grid like configuration. All species have their own grid. Human beings chose many years ago to disconnect themselves from a collective grid so they could have free will. On July 17th, we will have the opportunity to reconnect with this grid.. When we sit in meditation at 5:11 am,  and simultaneously fire the Grid for one hour. The plan, given by the light beings, will set us on a path for a healthy planet. The light beings use the term ‘fire the grid’ when they speak of the emerging of humanity with divine power on 7/17/07. This planned sitting of the people of earth will demonstrate the love and faith we feel for the goodness of the world and her inhabitants. Each of us is important alone, but together we are a very powerful force of creative energy. The plan involves only one hour from each of us. Our combined energies will work to direct energy to the earth and each other.
Four Ways to Do this. There are four ways to ‘Fire the Grid’. Prayer, Meditation, Prayer, or Collect a series of wonderful, happy moments in your life. If we as human beings would take time out each day to remember a happy moment, then we collectively raise the planet’s frequency with little effort. It will also raise the frequency of the humans who participate. Simply close your eyes, remember a thought or feeling that has given you earthly pleasure, and be happy for it. If none of these are possible. If you are unable to be there for any of this, you can write a letter for your soul with your intent. You might say something, like: it is my intent to promote love and well being and unity for all people. This will also work, In order to manifest the world we so desire we must live within the energy field of joy and gratitude even when the human journey is difficult. Once we have enough humans in the frequency of love, joy and gratitude then we will begin the exciting journey of rebuilding our earth the way it was intended to be. I have been telling people if we each take care of the “I” , then the “we” necessary for the earth changes will certainly follow. The indigos and crystal children are fast approaching the age where they will step forward and create where we leave off.
Let’s make sure they have great energy to work with.

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