Everything in It’s Time

Today – filled with trepidation and anxiety-I checked the balance in my checking account. Again, I was fine, but anxiety and worry precluded my realizing this. I am so taken care of. Sometimes I forget this. but I really am. I must say that using the Abraham Hicks manifestation materials really help. When I remain focused (no, make that ‘allow’, rather than ‘remain focused’) by having a thought that makes me feel good (even something as simple as a beautiful sunset), then my energy, attitude and gratitude increases and builds. The result? A wonderful state of manifestation that carries to all areas of my life. For this I am extremely thankful. Ah, gratitude – the gift which keeps on giving. To sum up the idea behind the Abraham Hicks manifestation. Simply put, it is this: ‘Find something to feel good about…goodbye’.

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