Every Time I Do This-I Get That

‘That’ being a sense of insecurity. ‘This’ is the tendency I sometimes have to compare myself to others. Case in point; I was having dinner with a friend-a woman about my age, with whom I have much in common. Things were going well, the conversation was flowing, the food was wonderful…a good time was being had by both of us. Then I began looking around. When I did, I observed that almost every other table there, consisted of couples. And although I didn’t really think much about the compatibility of each pair, I did notice that almost everyone there (except for my friend and myself) seemed to be on a date. Why, I wonder, does the fact that I was there without a date bother me so much? I’m not really looking for a relationship, yet, here I was, taking what had been a perfectly nice dinner, and making it a little less nice by comparing myself to others. Anyway, now that I am home and relaxing, I recognize that every time I focus on what I think am missing in my life, instead of appreciating what I do have, I become a little off balance. I never realized being human would be so difficult.

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