Death of a Family

My sister is dying. She has stage 4 lung cancer. It started out as lung cancer and metastasized to her brain. I don’t know whether the official diagnosis is brain or lung. The bottom line is, she is sick, and might not be here next year at this time. By writing this, I am not giving power to her condition, I simply want to address the condition so that the healing (whatever form it takes) can occur. It’s a crappy situation. First my brother dying in July; now this. Pretty soon I will be the last original Bernard Willage family member still standing. Bernard was my father. He died about 24 years ago. My Mother, Phyllis, passed away about 10 years ago (on her 77th birthday). One expects to outlive their parents, however my brother and sister are both younger than me. I didn’t expect to outlive them. I guess God must have something in mind for me in order to keep me around. Knowing this, I am motivated to be a better person.

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