Creation and Thoughts

My back hurts. I fell the day after Thanksgiving (tennis shoes and icy roads don’t mix). Landed flat on my back. Lucky part is: the backpack I had on cradled my head and upper back, so when I fell, I was somewhat protected. Just the lower back hurts. However, I clearly remember thinking (briefly) before this happened, that I would love to have someone take care of me, just for a short time. I think I created this. No…I know I did. Anyway, the point is: be careful what you think, it’s right there for you. Be specific. Be grateful for what you do have (I think I wasn’t). My grandmother used to say ‘This too shall pass’. I know this will, as well. I also feel so much better. I just need to learn what’s being taught here (about thoughts and gratitude and conscious creation) to make the healing complete.

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