Creating Space for Change


I am a workaholic…at least in my head. So let me explain how this tends to manifest. Much of the space in my brain is taken up thinking about what I need to do, rather than what I am actually doing.  If you were to ask how doing this is working for me, I would have to say not too well.

In an online writing class I took earlier today, the instructor spoke about the advantages of dividing large projects into smaller segments. So maybe I need to do more of this with my life. I am a wonderful list maker, but maybe I need to focus more on doing and less on so much planning; still have plans, of course, but practical more attainable ones.

At any rate, the first step in making changes is recognizing the need for change. And I’m doing that. I am going to be interested in seeing how this manifests. I am already getting some ideas of how I want to structure this. And what it is going to look like… and how it will manifest. And…and…and…Stay tuned.

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