Connecting with Nature

I recently saw a video about connecting with trees. The idea behind this is to find a tree that has branches at about should height. Standing  next to the tree you quietly say:  ‘Hello tree. If you can hear me, please touch me’.  The minute I heard this;  I was intrigued.  I decided to try it  this morning, during a walk to to City Park, As I walked  to the park, I felt a wonderful connection with nature.

There was no shortage of trees during my walk, and many had branches about shoulder height. About  15 minutes into my walk, I saw my  tree:  Just the right size, very welcoming. I decided to put my idea into practice. Walking gently up to the tree, so that I was next to a shoulder height branch, I softly said “Hello tree, if you can hear me, please touch me’. Almost immediately the branch closest to my shoulder reached down, and the leaves on the branch gently moved in and gently hugged my right shoulder and rested there.  There was such an incredible sense of connection, it really made my day. I felt more of a sense of connection  and gratitude to the tree and with all other living things as well. This was truly a gift for me, and as I share this, I am inspired to connect with  all others more.

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