Shouldn’t Connection Be Easier?

Sometimes I become aware of how difficult it can be to connect with others. Seeing the need to investigate this further (in hopes of rectifying things) I decided to try an experiment. During one of my recent walks, I allowed myself to connect on some level with every person I encountered (be it through a smile, a greeting, or some other form of recognition). I made a conscious effort to acknowledge everyone I met. I opened my heart, allowing it to connect with theirs. and you know something? The results were miraculous! I noticed, almost immediately, that my efforts, were met with an equally positive response from every one I met. This interaction melted my heart, and made my spirit soar. ‘Ah’, I told myself, ‘THIS is what life is all about!’.

Allowing myself to open up to others (without letting fear hold me back), is something I aspire to attain more consistently. I will make an effort to trust my intuition, go with my feelings, rather than allowing my ego to control so much of my behavior. I will choose heart over head-at least in this case).

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