Change in Plans

Sometimes letting go is just as important as hanging on . In January of 2009 I organized an I Ching Meetup group. The idea was to get together with others interested in leaning more about the I Ching, and sharing their experience ar knowledge. The group was great. In the beginning we met twice a month.
I cut back to once monthly when the attendance dropped. Although the membership remained at about 60 people, the amount actually going to the Meetups got even smaller. Although I tried different formats for the meetings, the attendance continued to drop. When I realized that the number of people who would be attending the next meetup (January 16) was one person (me),I decided to cut my losses and move on.I am going to close the I Ching meetup. From now on I will (continue to) put my energy into the ‘Introduction to Metaphysics’ group. It currently has 244 members and is continuing to grow. I will miss the Denver I Ching Meetup, but sometimes one has to know when to close one door so that another one can open.

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