Anatomy of Grief

I was in Barnes and Noble Books earlier today. I found myself in the bereavement section, wondering why, with so many books on this subject, none dealt with the loss of a sibling.Then, miraculously, I found ‘Surviving the Death of a Sibling’, by T.J. Wray. Although I bought the book home several hours ago, I still haven’t picked it up once. It is almost as though I am afraid that if I read the book, I will acknowledge that my brother died last July, and my sister (stage 4 cancer) could probably go soon. I almost hope that simply having the book will allow me to get over my grief. Hmm-mm. This may be more difficult than I thought. Of course I really don’t know how I am supposed to think. I have the book. I don’t really know, however, whether I will ever read it. I guess this is part of the grieving process. It will be interesting to see how it manifests, as the year progresses.

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