I have learned that affirmations are one of the easiest and most effective ways to increase my vibrations quickly. Affirmations are usually short positive statements which challenge negative beliefs and replace them with positive self-nurturing beliefs. It works like this: Start by taking some time to think about areas in your life you want to improve. Write the most important ones down in a list. Now look at each item on the list and write out a few positive statements for each. They must be positive and in the present tense. Make sure to focus on what you do want (not what you don’t want)positive_affirmations_.

Several ways to make the results more effective are to: say them while standing in front of the mirror, write them down multiple times; this helps imprint it for you, sing affirmations or chant them. be sure to state them strongly and with conviction. By repeating your affirmations when you get up in the morning and also before you go to sleep at night, you have created a wonderful mindset to begin and end your day. Try it for a month-see what happens. I think you will be delighted by the results.

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