Accomplishing Much in a Short Time

What I have noticed about myself is that I work well under pressure. I am getting ready for a trip to Camp Chesterfield (a spiritualist camp in ), Indiana to participate in ‘Spirit Fest’ as a reader. Having been a Spiritualist for almost 40 years, I am incredibly excited about this opportunity. I am also clearing the clutter in my apartment so that it can be painted when I return. I look forward to a wonderful new look in my place of 15 years. The following week I will celebrate my upcoming birthday (on the 28th) with friends. This coming year promises to be one of adventure and excitement. I can hardly wait!

I really had no idea that I am capable of doing so much in such a short time, but I am thriving. It is amazing what one is capable of when they are motivated by excitement, inspiration and caffeine.

The beginning of accomplishment

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