Accepting What Is

There’s a saying: ‘I give thanks that all my prayers haven’t been answered’. I find, as time goes on, how true this is for me. I sometimes think I know what is best. When, however, I look back, I’m not always right. I like to equate this idea with going into a store, thinking you want a blue blouse, and finding out the only blouse available is in the wrong size. So you decide to cut your losses and leave. On the way out, however, you see a dress in a beautiful shade of red. Best of all, it is in your size. So you buy it. I kind of think of life like this in some ways. Maybe I think I want a 40 hour a week job which has security and pays well.(the blue blouse) however I choose, instead, to take another job (the red blouse). This one is minimum wage. It is also only 23 hours a week. However, I have lots of free time, and (best of all) I am able to really get into my metaphysical practice. I begin getting more clients, my psychic skills improve, and-best of all-I am able to help more people in a way which benefits us all.

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