I Love to Meditate

I meditate twice a day. 15 minutes in the morning, , and 15 minutes at night right before I turn the lights out. I have a small timer, which I use to make sure the time is right.

I need to meditate because it keeps me centered, grounded and receptive Meditation t allows me to remain in a more positive place and less affected by the small things which might otherwise get to me.

I have an amazing cat, Gracie Mae, a black and white Tuxedo girl who sits on my lap every time I meditate, and we meditate together For some reason, her presence just provides a sense of comfort and calmness.

Some days I need to meditate it more than others. These are the times when I don’t even want to get out of bed and ponder ideas which might allow me to do this – stay in bed. Of course, I never do this, stay in bed all day, much as I sometimes want to. However, for me Meditation is the most incredible tool for lifting my mood in a very short time.

I woke up feeling really crappy today. Kind of depressed and just sad. I wasn’t even sure why this was, but it was strong.

So, I turned on my timer, cat jumped on my lap, and we began meditating. And in this session, something happened which I experience each time I meditate. A sense of calmness and peace came over me. I knew everything was just as it is meant to be.

And although this may sound idealistic or Airy Fairy, I find that nothing lifts me out of my funk and depression more than Meditation does.

I really suggest you try Meditation, if you already aren’t.


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