A Year of Growth

6a00d83451bc6e69e2010536a5383d970b-800wiA year ago today, Feb 2nd, my 22 1/2 year old cat, Jasmine Lily passed away. A year ago Monday, Feb 4th, my beloved sister Meredith passed away. Of course I miss them, but I am so thankful for the time we shared.

This year has been one of growth, release, and healing. As I sit here with my new cat ‘Spirit’. I realize how hard grieving is, and that sometimes letting go is the only way to allow the new to come in. For this opportunity and the realization that comes with this, I am thankful. (although the loss has been hard)

This entry is written to share the gift of growth and healing that has occurred as part of my ongoing journey

Thank you for being a part of this.

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