A Tribute to Tim

I met Tim over 40 years ago when we both worked in classified at the St Pete Times.
Tim was bright, funny, creative and memorable.
He was funny, an amazing cook (his specialties were ‘better than sex’ chocolate cake and jalapeno cheese dip.

Tim loved to read,  and was  an avid Net flicks series watcher. (Although quiet at first glance, He warmed up quickly, letting his dry, sharp essence shine through. When he moved to Denver about 7 years after we first me, I also decided to move there. I had always loved Denver, and loved the idea of having a friend who already lived there.

Tim had a very dry sense of humor- one time my cat, Jasmine, disappeared, I was distraught. Tim’s advice: don’t eat in any Chinese restaurants for two weeks.

He was just so much fun to hang out with. We made each other laugh. We just ‘got each other’

He died today. I understand his passing was quick and that he didn’t suffer. But my heart hurts.

Rip Tim – I miss you already. Thank you for your friendship, love and support.

Soar with the angels.



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