A new begining

A year ago yesterday I brought my new cat, Spirit, home.

My other cat, 22 1/2 year old Jasmine, had passed away earlier that year. Although I originally had no intent of getting another cat so soon after Jasmine’s passing, the Universe had other ideas.

This year has been one of tremendous growth, change, letting go, and accepting the new.

A job ending.

Becoming self employed.

An internet radio program

Incredible growth of my Introduction to Metaphysics Meetup

Offering  a mentoring program.

And a new website. Brandi Shigley, web designer extraordinaire, originally created my website in 2008. In the past four years (almost five), so much has happened that it seemed only fitting to have Brandi redesign and update my old website into this new one which is everything I wanted and more.

Things change, and if you go with them, I find that it works out far better than ever imagined.

Oh, by the way, my relationship with Spirit is going well on so many levels.

Thank you


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