I am sitting at my computer as sad as I can remember ever being. My 22 1/2 year old cat, Jasmine Lily (aka ‘Catsup Bottle’) lies under my computer desk sleeping heavily. The vet will be here in about 30 minutes to euthanize her. For over 21 years, this been a constant source of joy, exasperation, worry and enjoyment. She has been my friend and confidant during the entire period. She has seen me through job change, suicide of a relative, terminal cancer of another relative and so much more. I have been there for her during melanoma in the eyes, renal failure, disappearing for a week, jumping on the stove and catching on fire and so much more. She and I have been each other’s best friend. About a month ago noticed that she was having little twitches (almost like mini seizures) which seemed to come and go. About a week ago she started having tooth trouble and was unable to eat or drink anything.
Now we are at a point where she cannot eat without pain, she hides under a computer desk, where she sleeps a lot.
I was told that there was no guarantee that anything else could be done. Oh we could try different antibiotics, but it might not work. Why would I want to put my dearest friend and confidant through any more trauma? So when the vet mentioned that perhaps euthanasia might be near, I knew respect for Jasmine, dictated that twas the best solution. , I knew it was important to spend some alone time with my pal. I sat on the floor next to the computer table she was lying under. I gently stroked her matted fur, listening to soft classical music and thanking her for all she’d meant to me. The Dr. arrived about 20 minutes later. We talked,and he told me what to expect. I asked if it would be ok to hold her while he administered the medication. One shot would relax and make her feel wonderful, then the other would put her to sleep He said it would be up to her whether she wanted me to. She did. Picking her up and taking her to the couch, I sat there gently stroking her, cradling her. About 10 minutes later it was over. I now had different options about what I wanted to do with the ashes. But Jasmine is headed to a farm in the mountains where she will mix in with the soil and have a wonderful country life. As for me, I will rejoice, knowing I was instrumental in allowing her new adventure, but at the same I will miss her terribly. Farewell dear Jasmine Lily (also known as ‘Catsup Bottle’). You will be missed.

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