You never know how your actions will affect somebody else. Here’s an example. I go to the gym daily. Sometimes I feel like I just don’t fit it. I’ll say ‘hello’ to people, but mostly I just do my workout and leave. When I was there today, I greeted and smiled at a woman. She’s probably been coming for about two months. We’ve never really never spoken, except to smile and say hello. Today, when we were both working out, I smiled at her. ‘I want to thank you’, she said. ‘When I first began coming here,  I felt very self conscious, due to my weight. You always gave me a big smile, however, and that made me feel so much better. I just wanted you to know’, she added. ‘Thank you’, I added, ‘you made my day’. Her comments made me realize that kindness, for its own sake, is never wasted. Almost anything, given sincerely, means something to someone.

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