Upcoming Events

I am at Shining Lotus every Friday, from 10-6 (and the third Sunday of each month). . Come on in and get a reading. Or just to say hello. Walk ins are also welcome. Shining Lotus is located at 2553 S. Colorado Blvd.  303-758-9113  shininglotus.com

Hoʻoponopono Hawaiian Healing Prayer , Saturday. February 11, 7pm,

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We are going to repeat the Hoʻoponopono Hawaiian Healing Prayer 108 times (using Mala beads). Please feel free to bring your Mala beads.

Introduction to Metaphysics with Dave The Mystic, Saturday, February  27, 12-2pm,

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Dave the Mystic developed a worksheet several years ago to help answer this question. He uses muscle testing on the client’s behalf to determine a Level of Consciousness (LOC) score in each of approximately 30 areas to help the person determine where they want to focus. In this talk, Dave will be discussing muscle testing, the LOC scale from David Hawkins’ book “Power vs. Force,” discernment of sources of intuitive information and safety and other areas such as how to develop the gifts.

Introduction to Metaphysics with Melinda Gillette, Saturday, March 13, 12-2pm

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Come to explore your animal connections and celebrate your relationships, past, present, and future, with those who wear animal bodies in this life. Be sure to invite the animals who share – or have shared – your life. (It’s OK if they seem to prefer a spot in the sunshine. They’ll still be with you.) Melinda is an animal communicator, intuitive, and healer. She says, “After all these years of living and talking with animals, I think I’m finally beginning to understand who’s really the leader and teacher and who is the student.