Upcoming Events

Hello Everyone!

I am excited to share these upcoming events with you:

We would love to invite you to our monthly Hoʻoponopono Hawaiian Prayer-Gayle Fowler & Kendara Laurel, on Wednesday, February 8,  7pm. This is such a special event that Gayle and I are doing it again! Hope you can join us! We will have a beautiful picture on the screen with the prayer on it and repeat the prayer 108 times. Please feel free to bring your Mala beads. This ancient Hawaiian practice roughly translates into ‘move back into balance’ or to ‘make things right’. We think that the world is in need of balance and harmony and hope that this powerful practice can help. We would love to have you join us. ON ZOOM: Go to: www.zoom.,  Enter Meeting ID: # 884 3494 2253,  Enter Passcode: # 468863

Ari Hunniford, Of Awkwardly Zen Fame  is the February 11th Intro to Metaphysics Meetup Speaker from 12-2 pm. (Airy) will be sharing about how she works with the Elements of Air, Fire, Earth, and Water to do readings. You’ll learn about the personality traits tied to each Element. Which Element you may connect with most. How to call in the energy of a specific Element to help you with weaknesses.. And more! ON ZOOM: Go to: www.zoom.com, Enter Meeting ID: # Meeting ID: 923 918 6795 Passcode: #023491

Shane Sale,  Gifted Healer, Medical Intuitive and talented body worker will be presenting from 12-2pm at the February 25th Intro to Metaphysics Meetup. We will explore the relationship with source/spirit and how it has evolved over the last couple of years. You will also be introduced to a concept called Energy Blueprint. Shane will open up the floor and offer short readings for some of the people there. On ON ZOOM: Go to: www.zoom.com ON ZOOM: Enter Meeting ID: 923 918 6795, Enter Passcode ID: 023491


Please keep in mind, you can also contact me for mentoring, or small classes through this website on the contact page. or my email kendaralaurel@gmail.com