I-Ching with Kendara Laurel


I Ching – Learn to read the I Ching in one day. The I Ching is over 5000 years old. By asking questions and throwing coins, you are able to connect with your Higher Self. I have been a student of the I Ching for over 25 years; it is a very effective way of finding answers to your questions.

Kendara Laurel Meditation– Meditation is one of the best ways to tune into and connect with one’s highest self. I have been teaching and leading groups on this subject for over 20 years.  The class is open to people with all levels of experience. Subjects covered include: Purpose, Benefits, Preparation, Positions, Guided Meditations.

Healing– Learn to connect with your inner healer. Healing is something that everyone can do. In this fun, hands-on class, we will learn about and practice various types of healing. You will study chakras, auras, crystals and more. You will leave this class able to do healings on yourself and others.

Intuitive Tarot– In this six week class, you will learn about the basic meanings of the cards, Major and Minor Arcana, layouts, colors and numbers. The class includes handouts and much hands on practice. You will leave this class with enough tools to read the cards intuitively.

Mentoring Program –  Beginning Mentoring. This is an ongoing class. It is a great place to learn about psychic development, healing, meditation. The students meet weekly for two hours. Classes are small, usually  5-8 people.